AirConsole Game Developer's Contest: Results

Our first AirConsole Game Development Competition brought us a variety of amazing games: from the top title Tower of Babel, over the gyro-controlled Grannies & Planes to several more experimental fun games.

With the second Competition, we once again got a variety of cool, innovative games that we had a ton of fun trying.
After a day of testing, giving feedback and evaluating every game, we are now thrilled to announce the winners and honorable mentions of the second AirConsole Game Developer Competition.

Not all the games are quite ready to be launched in the store yet, but if you follow this blog and/or our social media accounts, you'll surely not miss their releases.


These 10 games will be rewarded with a prize of 100$ each.


Originally created at the Global Game Jam, Valhalla offers a fast, fun experience about consuming the souls of your friends. 


Much like Battle Snakes, Gilistair is a multiplayer take on the classic Snake mechanic. With power ups, different character shapes and attributes, however, Gilistair reinvents Snake in another unique way.


The name almost speaks for itself: Precision is a game about aiming a laser very precisely. Be careful to not take too much time though, or your opponent will shoot the dots away under your nose, making you lose precious points by firing into empty space.

Sushi Gold

Have you always wanted to be a Sushi Chef? Here's your chance! You haven't? Well, there's a lot of fun to be had with this slightly stressful restaurant game none the less. Sushi Gold is a game about memorization and quick reaction, using a lovely vectorized art style.

Adequate Bingo

You thought Bingo was a pastime reserved for the elderly? Think again! This fast-paced version will keep even the quickest minds on their toes.

RPS Joust

Wrap a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors into a love letter to old school arcade games and you get something like RPS Joust. It's got lovely retro art, cool music and a variety of hilarious characters. 

Ridiculous Climbing

This 2 vs. 2 game reminds us a bit of something like QWOP, mixed with the competitive feeling of 2 vs. 2 minigames in Mario Party 2. It's somewhat stressful, silly, and you can always blame your teammate if you lose.


You may have heard of the popular game Rocket League, which is a bit like football/soccer, but with cars. Well, Tankball is a bit like Rocket League, but with tanks. You know, for extra badassery. The team based game can be played by up to 16 people at a time, which we think is really awesome as well. 

Tiles of Doom

Tiles of Doom is a game that makes perfect use of gyroscope controls, cleverly hiding any latency in the momentum of a rolling ball. The Tiles of Doom team has recently even teased an update on Twitter in which they might add customizable balls to the game soon!

Greek for Speed

Greek for speed is a cooperative endless runner, where every player is assigned a task like jump, dash or slide and needs to tap their phone at the right moment. Again, a fantastic opportunity to scream at your friends when they screw up. 

Construct2 Business License

The Construct2 Business License goes to...

Zombie Annihilation!

This Construct2 game has been launched already and is playable right here. Congratulations!


And the winner of the second AirConsole Game Developer Contest, winning the main prize of 1500$ is....

Castle Hustle!

Castle Hustle does a lot of things that we love and that we think more AirConsole games should make use of: It uses the touchscreen controller in a smart way, it has got super cute graphics and a wonderful soundtrack. Since the game is turn-based, it can also be played over a stream or with a higher latency without suffering for it.
But most importantly: Castle Hustle requires players to actively work together, to discuss strategic moves and to perfectly harmonize their actions in order to succeed. This adds a layer of depth that we would absolutely love to see in more AirConsole games.

We're very much looking forward to future updates by the Castle Hustle team and congratulate them on both their fantastic achievement in creating this game as well as their first place in the competition!

Once again, we thank all participants for submitting their games, we had a blast trying them all! 


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