AirConsole Karaoke Machine is now available

AirConsole Karaoke

Welcome to a new Karaoke world! 

Starting today the AirConsole Online Karaoke Machine is available in our store. The Karaoke app brings thousands of free songs for you to sing. Tap your smartphone to switch between the original artist singing and the karaoke version. You can also connect a real microphone and control the machine with it, just switch on to sing the karaoke version and switch off for a duet alongside your favorite celebrity!

If your big screen has a camera, you will be able to record your performance which will be sent to your email after. Organize a party, have a meet up! When you’re ready, you can use your smartphone to queue up your song. A playlist is automatically generated. Other people can also join the party and add new songs to the playlist. While you perform your favorite song, the crowd can send emojis to the big screen to support you!

Imagine the party you can organize using the AirConsole Karaoke!
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