AirConsole Global Game Jam: The Games

The AirConsole team had a blast last weekend during the Global Game Jam. Not only did our team take the chance to create a new AirConsole game prototype but we also saw quite a few developers across the world making games using our technology. If you made a game using AirConsole during the GGJ and haven’t yet uploaded, please do so, so we can update this list.

Here is a list of all games already uploaded on our GGJ store: (Click on the titles to play the games).

Tiles of Doom:

A fantastic Global Game Jam game made in the UK by Aniode. In Tiles of Doom, you control an orb and must roll over floor tiles marked by symbols to complete the correct sequence before other players. It sounds simple but gets challenging quickly. Players must be quick in finding the right symbol among three dozen similar ones. In later levels the floor tiles will sometimes flip over while others will disappear entirely, making certain tiles very tricky to reach.

Questionable Cult Summoning Party

QCSP is a cooperative game made by Goodwolf Studio. Players must coordinate efforts to complete rune sequences to summon demons. After every completed sequence, you will face a greater memory challenge. To succeed on QCSP you will have to communicate with your team members to remember every piece of the puzzle.

Summoner Sacrilege:

Your goal in Summoner Sacrilege is to fight off the heavenly forces of angels and unicorns who want to keep you from completing your satanic summoning ritual. To do so, 1-10 players must tilt their phones to face enemies and then enter increasingly complicated combinations of swipes on their smartphone controllers.


Valhalla is a fast-paced couch multiplayer game. You control a wizard, zooming around an arena using a joystick on your smartphone. While moving around, you will imprison other wizards and score points by bringing them to the center of the screen.

Blocky Assassin

Blocky Assassin is an original game by TJ and Niels. You will have to find your target and kill him without getting noticed by other players. You’ll have a selection of weapons to help you complete your task. Be sure not call any attention to yourself or you will quickly fall victim to your opponents.

Dogma Derby

Dogma Derby is a local multiplayer crowd game. The game supports up to 16 players. The goal is to convert as many people as possible before the time runs out to beat the other teams.

Ritual Trip

Let the Ritual begin! In Ritual Trip, you will open the space-time doors between universes. Will you succeeded? 

Greek for Speed

Greek for Speed is an endless runner where each player controls a specific action of a greek athlete carrying the Olympic torch. Jump, slide and hit as a team while enjoying the greek vase style visuals.
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